He was an ordinary boy like many others. You can remember his wide open mouth screaming his first cry as a baby boy in a hospital. You still can remember his first crawling in the living room, chasing him around as he gained speed. You still remember his first smile, first laugh, first words and his first steps.
Soon he grew to his "why-questions" age with endless questions about everything. You remember his first toys all around the house and him refusing to clean his room. You probably still have these toys. You may remember his first broken window. That day you were probably angry with him, but now you can see there are a lot more important things than a broken window pane. You remember him playing soccer with other kids in neighborhood or riding his first new shiny bike around the house. It was the funniest event ever teaching him how to ride a bicycle. He was afraid all around that you might have him riding it without helping him with his balance and once he found out he was actually riding all that way by himself he felt down. You remember his first "serious adult pretending" creating the most laughing situations ever, such as answering his toy-cell phone and having serious calls with his fictitious buddy on the other side and nobody could even decipher what he was talking about. And he was very angry when others laughed at him.
You remember his first day in school, the biggest event in his life. His first day he was close to tears. You could see him standing in front of you with his misty eyes begging you to take him back home. It was you who had to be brave otherwise he immediately burst into bitter tears. The first day without parents was really hard. However after a few months he was keen on school and spent a lot of time with his new friends. He played soccer, ice hockey, chess and he was very excited about his first computer at home.
He entered the second grade at school.
One day, however, he suddenly collapsed during a soccer game with his mates at school. You rushed into the hospital to find out what was wrong. This boy you loved more than everything in the entire world died six months later. He was just 8 years old. He was diagnosed with ALL leukemia, which killed him so fast without any hope or giving him a chance to fight back.

About this Boy It is the most horrible period in human life when a parent sees his only beloved son to die. All hopes and all your life completely crushes down. Today, current therapies provide a promising 95% survival rate for patients with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). However it is very devastating to see your child suffer, weakening his or her body until the bitter last moment. We can cope with the situation when an adult dies, even if it is your close relative, but it is incredibly heartbreaking to see an innocent child pass away suffering through all treatment procedures. Sometimes I was asking myself several times whether it was better to let the child die in peace rather than watching his or her little body being crushed and knocked down. But there is always hope at the beginning and parents will do everything to stop the disease until they finally recognize that there is no hope anymore. It is hard for them to let him go, but one day you reach the limit and you want to make his last moments very best and full of happiness as much as possible as well as the situation allows you to do so.

And this is why I created this web site. I need to help others who have their children suffering by this awful disease. I cannot bear it anymore and the only way to cope with it is to help. Hopefully one day any sort of cancer will not be an issue any more.

However, I do not have enough money myself and even though I donate as much as I can I was thinking how to help more. What else I can do to raise more money and help. This is how I came up with this idea to provide a web site where you can buy a product, in this case a movie DVD, for which I will provide you with a review and recommendation and use the earnings for further help.

All the money I earn via your purchases I will donate. I will keep some small portion of earnings to pay for this web site expenses and the rest will be donated. I am planning not only sending money to research institutions, but hospitals, buying toys for children and trying to help more with other ways of help along with this web site as it will grow and start making money. And you can help me to do it just by purchasing any of the DVDs mentioned here.

I will also list and report all money earned, spent and donated here to show I mean this seriously.

If you want to help, if you like any of the movies mentioned here and I will be adding more and more reviews, please, help by buying a DVD. It can help one little kid to win his or her battle. Thank you.