48 Angels

A nine year old boy Seamus (Ciaran Flynn) from an unknown Irish town is terminally ill. Doctors already gave up on him that the chemotherapy won't help any more. There is very little to do and a very little hope. Seamus knows it. He sets out on a journey to find God to help him with a miracle. On his journey he meets a 15 year old runaway James (John Traves) whose father was killed and he tries to escape from his past. On a small island, to which Seamus drifted on a small boat without sails, motors or oars, the boys meet Darry who desperately needs their help. Both boys decided to help. Seamus believes Darry is Jesus who was sent to him to help him.

48 Angels is a touchy film. You would see a little boy who overhears a doctor talking to his parents telling them his death sentence. How a little child can cope with such news? How can parents cope with the news that their only child will die? You will be staring on the screen and praying for the boy. Seamus

The movie is a low budget master piece, but handled very well. It is a gentle film with no killing, explosions or effects of today's Hollywood production, which on one hand may make you feel that there is nothing happening, however it is not true. You will experience innocent boys getting close together into a close friendship and hope. Three perspectives on death. Seamus sentenced to die trying to find the way out through a miracle, however managing the journey of all three companions; James unable to deal with the death of his father, but softening his heart and starting to believe to others again and Darry healing from his life threatening wounds escaping from being hunted down. This is the message of this film and what is happening.
At first James fights little Seamus. He doesn't like an intruder to his "own" island. His heart seems to be closed and hard to other people. He was a member of a gang and was slowly becoming a ruthless youngster. When helping Seamus you would experience James changing. You will see him as a boy who still needed help from grownups, who still needed learning how to deal with life situations. Darry seems to be the guardian to both boys till the end.

In this film a new boy actor Ciaran Flynn is introduced, who later played in some other movies (Call me son 2008, Cregan 2009) and he managed his role brilliantly. It is all three actors who made this film stunning, so you will be watching it to the very end.

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Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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